Short Catholic Prayer Against Witchcraft

Short Catholic Prayer Against Witchcraft :

Jesus Christ

My child, I your Jesus, I have this message to give to you, to pray for all my children who are going to
these places of black magic, bruxaria1 , spells, witchcraft, tarot cards, crystal balls; who are going out
of their homes to be in this kind of sin. My child, the worst are witchcraft, black-magic, spells, curses,
wishing bad upon one another, enviousness, jealousy, foul language, not forgiving one other,
refusing inheritance to one another (this is a big sin against heaven), false accusation and false
testimony, especially against the virtue of my children. These are all sins that heaven cries for my
children to repent of and avoid committing. If they have committed this kind of sin, they must come
to me in Confession with a contrite heart and repent, never to commit them again.

Catholic Prayer Against Witchcraft
Catholic Prayer Against Witchcraft

My child, the prayer request is prayed in this way…

My loving Father God, my Jesus Christ, my Holy Spirit, my Triune God, I, your child2
, I am here
humbly on my knees to ask heaven, my Father, my Jesus, my Holy Trinity, for the strongest prayer
from heaven to earth. I implore, I plea, this prayer request. I pray to my Jesus, my Father, my Holy
Spirit and I ask St Michael, St Gabriel and St Raphael Archangels, the nine choirs of angels, to come
with their troops, and the saints of heaven, my patron saint, many saints, the forgotten ones, to pray
with me on this unique prayer request, to make a strong chain of prayer to the beam of heaven. I
pray, I implore, my Triune God to hear this prayer. I ask you with my sincere, simple heart.

I pray for all your children who have been involved in bruxaria, witchcraft, black magic, spells, wrong
doing against one another to cause damage to their lives. I pray for the ones who have been and are
involved in this kinds of sin. I pray for the ones involved in or visiting tarot cards and crystal balls; for
those who have envy and jealousy against their families, loved ones, their brothers and sisters in
Jesus Christ; for the ones who curse and wish bad upon one another, using foul language and false
accusations, especially on their virtues, placing their innocent names in the mud and in the mouth of
the world.

I pray to my Father, my Jesus and my Holy Spirit for all of these causes, for all your children who
have been the prey of this kind of persecution, to be free of this prejudice in their lives.

I ask my Blessed Mother to come and pray with me as well, and to put your Virginal Mantle upon
these, your children, trapped in this kind of pain and suffering, causing your innocent children to suffer sickness on their bodies, souls and minds, doing things that cause damage to their loved ones
and families, their brothers and sisters in Jesus Christ.

Mother Mary, you are our Mother, the Mother of our Saviour. Come and rescue your children who
are trapped in these pains …name…

My Triune God, my dear Father, through your Son Jesus’ pains on Via Dolorosa, through the pains of
his shoulder, I ask you for mercy, compassion and pardon on these, your children, the sinners who
commit these kind of sins, atrocities, malice and destruction against your children, the innocent
ones, who are being used by the enemy to destroy them. I ask you Father, when these, your children
come to eternal life, when your Son presents them to you in front of your throne, to forgive them, to
save them, to save their souls. Give them enough time in this world to repent before they encounter
you, my Father and my Jesus, to judge them according to their deeds.

Oh, my Jesus, you came to this world to save, not to condemn.

I, your child , I say thank for helping these, your children, in pain, in destruction of their lives because
of this kind of malice and prejudice against one another. Help them to see as well, to pray and to
forgive their enemies and persecutors who caused them so much pain.
Thank you my Mother for interceding to your Beloved Son Jesus at the foot of the cross, for all of
these petitions. Amen.

Pray one Our Father, three Hail Mary, one Glory Be, then say…

My loving Father, my Jesus Christ, Saviour and Redeemer of our sins, and my Holy Spirit, have mercy
and compassion on all of these, your children, the innocent ones trapped in this malice of sin and
the ones who commit these crimes. Amen.

Pray the Hail Holy Queen, then say…

Mother Mary, come, save and rescue all of these, your children. Bring them to your Son’s Heart.

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